A native of Winston Salem, NC, Charley Seagraves has lived in Georgia most of his adult life. He recently moved his studio to the Chase St. Park Warehouse in Athens, Georgia.

A student of folk and contemporary art, his colorful original works often combine elements of both.

Sometimes whimsical, sometimes thought-provoking, his highly personal creations are drawn from the realities of his everyday life as well as the purely random inventions of his imagination.

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What people are saying....

“Charley Seagraves is an artist who defies convenient classification.  He is neither an insider nor an outsider, a fine artist nor a folk artist, a cutting-edge contemporary nor an avant-garde academic; and, yet, his works reference elements of all those categories. 

What he is is an original, a maverick with an eye for color and drama.  His paintings and assemblages stop you in your tracks and demand your attention.  His art is accessible and can be understood and appreciated by almost everyone whether they have an artistic background or not.

Charley Seagraves is one of those artists who has followed the advice of Henry Miller who urged artists to:  “Paint as you like and die happy.”  Charley Seagraves will die happy with a sable brush in his hand.”

Bob Brussack -